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FFR is not your typical run of the mill auto repair shop that does a little classic car repair on the side.
We specialize in classic and custom cars and do things a little differently. We know that we cannot treat your prized possession like any other car on the road and need to give it special attention and care.

The most mundane of tasks are not always as straightforward as they appear and often take more time and attention to perform the work than a typical car.

During the restoration, repair or maintenance of your classic car, changes in the scope of work often arise due to unforeseen circumstances  like poor previous repairs, hidden damage and parts compatibility.

These unforeseen changes in the scope of work will ultimately affect the cost of the service.

We won't cut corners to lower costs, but we will perform the highest quality work and do so as efficiently as possible.


The first stage of a restoration is the initial inspection and consultation. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your car and provide a detailed explanation of the necessary proposed work along with supporting pictures. We will discuss the proposed scope of work with you and then prepare an estimate for the project cost. If everything sounds good, we will get an authorizing signature and deposit to get the process rolling. 

The second stage is dismantling and cataloging. This allows us and you to clearly see anything that was not visible during the initial inspection. In the case of rust repairs this may include stripping the car body to bare metal. At this point we will reevaluate the estimated project cost and scope of work and adjust as needed and get your approval for any changes prior to moving forward.  

We require weekly progress payments as work is performed to keep the project moving.

 The final stage of the process is when your vehicle will be road tested and safety checked to make sure everything's working as intended. After a final cleaning and inspection your car is ready for you to enjoy!

FFR Fabrication is a one stop shop, specializing in Hot Rods, Classics and Custom Cars 

We perform all types of services. Repair and maintenance work full custom, scratch built hot rods, chassis work, metal fabrication, wiring, accessories, wheels and tires. 

We do far more than this, give us a call or email us to enquire

FFR Fabrication & Repair


- Full Automotive restoration services

- Full custom, hand built hot rods and parts

- Custom front and rear suspensions systems

- Air bags and hydraulics installs

- Custom engine and transmission swaps

- In house automotive machine shop

- Complete full vehicle rewiring

- Custom exhaust systems

- Sheet metal rust repair and full custom metal shaping

- Performance and styling upgrades for late model 

  cars and trucks

- Static Lowering

- Non automotive fabrication and welding services


-And much more....